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Estandar’s quality maintenance unit is a vital segment of our manufacturing process, and we believe in abiding by the stringent production factors.

The Spirit of Estandar has Continued to Grow and Evolve.

Estandar strives to be the most in-demand manufacture and exporter of vitrified ceramic tiles in Indian and international markets. As per our commitment towards serving our customers right, in the next coming years, we will be the prominent manufacturer of vitrified ceramic tiles by offering the best-fitted ceramic solution to the customer and then delivering high-end ceramic products centered on their requisite.
Also, ensuring two-way quality checks includes an automated and manual approach for testing each manufactured product by adhering to a stringent quality control policy.

We Manufacture Eco-Friendly and Certified.

Estandar vitrified ceramic production and export processes ensure that each manufactured tile product must strictly follow the mandatory quality, safety, and environmental standards governed by the national and international ceramic manufacturing market and quality guidelines.
The adept quality control team is a very significant praxis at Estandar as it encourages the whole team and workers to innovate our ceramic and porcelain tile products consistently. The quality team follows a stout, structured, adaptable, and customizable manufacturing process to produce ceramic composite supplies innovatively.

Design, innovation and culture of the territory

Download Estandar’s rich tile catalog has more than hundreds of tiles variants with various sizes, textures, patterns, finishes, and colors available for immediate installation.